For those in the know there's no other grand entrance onto paradise than the landing in St Barth.  Renowned for its dangerously short runway and a hair-raising approach over a hill, the St. Barth Airport landing has become the stuff of legends in the aviation community. 


Nestled in the French West Indies, St. Barth boasts pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and a picturesque landscape. Amidst this natural beauty lies Gustaf III Airport, named after the Swedish king. With a runway measuring just 2,133 feet (650 meters) in length, it is one of the shortest commercial runways in the world. The airport is surrounded by hills and cliffs, making it a challenging proposition for even the most skilled pilots.

Pilots attempting a landing at St. Barth Airport must navigate a hair-raising approach. As the aircraft descends, it approaches the hill known as "Hill 28." The pilots must fly over this hill, with barely any margin for error, before making a steep descent towards the runway. This dramatic approach requires precision, experience, and nerves of steel.  The pilots who undertake the St. Barth Airport landing are among the best in the business. They undergo specialized training to handle the unique challenges posed by this airport. 

Despite its reputation, St. Barth Airport has an excellent safety record. The runway has been resurfaced and extended over the years, and advanced navigational aids have been installed to aid pilots in their approach. These measures, combined with the expertise of the pilots, contribute to the overall safety of landing at St. Barth.

The St. Barth Airport landing is undoubtedly an adrenaline-inducing experience that captivates the imagination of aviation enthusiasts worldwide.   

We pay homage to this white-knuckle landing experience with a dramatic photo printed on to a 100% cashmere shawl that may be worn as a scarf, wrap, skirt or even as a chic beach-to-table halter dress.    Felted through a meticulous, traditional Nepalese process and hand-dip dyed in vibrant hues, this shawl is the perfect accessory to travel with to your favorite destination.  See you in Paradise!



Written by Maryam Barrett

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