For our 21st wedding anniversary my husband surprised me with a heart sculpture created by renowned artist Roger Moreau. It sits outside our bedroom in St Barth in a small garden filled with banana trees, palm fronds and hibiscus flowers.  Every time I pass by my heart I'm filled with love and gratitude.

Roger Moreau's journey as an artist began not in the studio, but on the rugged mountains of St. Barth. Inspired by the beauty of his surroundings and the abundance of natural materials, Moreau started collecting rocks from behind his home situated on the "wild side" or "cote Sauvages of the island, each one bearing the mark of time and the elements. What began as a hobby soon evolved into a passion, as Moreau discovered the potential within these humble stones to become something more.

While driving across the island, if you are lucky enough to glance in the right direction at the right time, you may see one of Roger's hearts, perched proudly in the middle of a rock field, atop a mountain or dotting the stone walls of Grand Fond.

In his hands, rocks become more than just inert objects; they become vessels of love, imbued with the magic of St. Barth. And in each heart-shaped sculpture, Moreau leaves a piece of himself, a testament to the transformative power of art and the enduring power of love.


Written by Maryam Barrett

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