Pray I Easter Blessings

"It's a glorious day" proclaims Father Charlie, the eponymous reverend of St Barth's Anglican Church. And indeed it was! (We are a few days late in sharing our story here but we are currently on island time so please forgive the tardiness.)
Celebrating Easter in St Barth has been a long standing tradition in our family.  Both our children were baptized at the Anglican Church on Easter Sunday so the holiday holds a very special place in our hearts.
The Easter service at the church is like no other. The island is bathed in the most magical light and the air is thick with the smell of gardenias. The church's windows and doors are thrown wide open inviting the beauty of the island inside and the occasional bird that glides through the pews like a little Angel gracing us with its presence.  The choir is magical and Laurent our favorite singer belts out an Ava Maria that brings the house down. 
The sound of champagne bottles popping in the courtyard is a sign the service is nearing its end and quiet chatter of the kids who are patiently waiting for the Easter egg hunt fills the air.

Easter lunch for us has always been at Cheval Blanc Isle de France. A big table filed with family and friends, fresh seafood and bottles of rose abound. We spend the day on Flamands beach and stay until the sun goes down. It's an island tradition to camp on the beach over the long weekend. The sand is dotted with tents and families having cookouts.
It's a time of reflection, gratitude and new beginnings...a glorious day indeed.
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