An ode to the Island | Summer Block Print Collection

We just recently launched our Limited Edition Summer Block Print, this dreamy collection is an ode to summer on the island and all its beauty.
St Barth in the summertime is pure magic. The colors are vibrant and the air is fragrant with blooming flowers everywhere you go.The island has the most beautiful aqua sea, the brightest flowers and the skies are full of the most gorgeous shades of blue. Summertime on the island is where our block print collection was dreamed up and our vision of summertime on St Barth was brought to life.
We worked with block print artisans to create the most gorgeous shades of aqua, pink and peach and brought to life a collection that had inspiration drawn from every corner of the island. Our summer block print collection is not only an ode to summers on the island, but a collection that is meant for long summer days spent with the ones you love. Our memories of summers on the island are  everlasting, our hope is that these pieces take you on shared adventures and make memories for years to come.

To view the full block print collection head over to our website.
From St Barth With Love, Mer St Barth
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