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A recent trip to India brought me to the elegant atelier of Yaser Shaw, a master visionary and designer of luxe, handcrafted fabrics, accessories and furnishings.  The jewel-box 2nd floor shop was stocked from floor to ceiling with one-of-a-kind Kashmir shawls.  A whirlwind of color, intricate embroidery and pure elegance met me whichever way I turned.   I fell in love and never looked back.



The artisans employed in his family workshops are the true upholders of the unique Kashmiri technique, which serves as a basis for Yaser’s artistic expression. Balancing between the traditional and contemporary style, Shaw’s clear and decisive vision has always been at the forefront of the manufacturing process.

Our dream came true when we got to collaborate with Yaser on a collection of shawls we promise will become your go-to-everyday favorite accessory.  Which one will it be?  The perfect Ikat in a chic punch of pink or indigo or how about the luxe pompom shawl in a gorgeous saffron or the perfect blue denim?

Wrap yourself in the luxury of pure pashmina too will never go back!






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