With spring break and travel are on everyone's mind, I thought it would be fun to create our version of a St Barth's Travel Guide for Kids. Cue the chocolate croissants, cheeseburgers in paradise and the best beach to find hidden treasures, plus a whole lot more!
Breakfast at La Petite Colombe
We have been traveling to the island with our children since our youngest was 11 months old. I remember celebrating his second birthday there with the most beautiful french chocolate cake from La Petite Colombe, one of our favorite bakeries on the island. Almost every morning we walk down the hill from our home, grab a coffee, a few freshly baked pastries and sandwiches for a picnic on the beach. The kids always request a pain au chocolat, the most delicious chocolate croissant and definitely kid approved! If you are planning a trip with little ones, add La Petite Colombe to your list. Its the perfect place to grab a delicious french pastry and sandwiches to go for a day spent on the island!
Hiking to Colombier Beach
 A favorite for families who love a little adventure, and one of our favorite beaches is the hike to Colombier. It is well worth the 30 minute hike to get there, and easy enough for little ones. You are sure to spot all sorts of wild life on the way, the cutest goats,tortoises and iguanas plus the view is gorgeous! Pack a picnic and beach toys the beach is secluded and the perfect spot for a day spent with the family.
Lunch at Le Select

A simple lunch in the center of Gustavia at Le Select is always a hit for the kids. Le Select is where the well known Jimmy Buffet song "Cheeseburgers in Paradise" came from. You can enjoy a burger, fries and my kids favorite an Orangina while enjoying the fun outdoor ambiance at Le Select. Inside you'll find an array of license plates, stickers, and sailing flags from past visitors around the world. Such a fun place to grab lunch and wind down after a day in the sun!

Treasures at Shell Beach

Shell Beach is nestled into a serene little cove just a short walk from Gustavia. This beach has always been one of our kids favorites! Not only is the shoreline covered in seashells or as they call them "treasures", there is also a cliff they can jump off if they are more the adventure seeking type. The adults can grab a drink at Shellona, listen to the great music and watch the kids enjoy the day. Shell Beach is perfect for any age kid, and so much fun for the whole family!

Surfing at Lorient
Whether your kids are on the younger or older side, Lorient Beach is a great spot for active kids. The beach is on the bigger side, and known on the island as the best place for surfing! You can rent a surf board and grab lessons from Caribwaterplay in St Jean or spend the day simply watching the locals ride the waves and check out the surf shack. Regardless of how you spend your day here, its one place you definitely need to visit. Beautiful beach, great waves and you will for sure meet some awesome locals!
Bon Voyage,
Written by Aubrey Wilde

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