Ligne St. Barth Coconut OIl


Beyond obsessed with Ligne St. Barth's magical potions brought to you directly from our beloved island! 

Thanks to its natural affinity with the skin and hair, this gorgoues silky, coconut oil nourishes the epidermis and gives hair both radiance and shine. ST BARTH coconut oil is non hydrogenated and does not contain a single chemical stabilizer nor emulsifier, thus solidifies at a temperature below 25° C/77°F.To re-liquefy simply warm the bottle of oil in tepid water (cooler than 40°C/104°F). This solidification does not affect the product quality.

Use it all over...before and after the beach, after a shower or before bed.  Simply divine!

Available in two sizes: 4.2oz and 1oz (perfect for your travel tote)




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