It was only recently that I met Christiane Celle, the owner of the the internationally recognized home decor and lifestyle brand Clic and former founder of the famed Calypso brand.   But I have been a fan girl for a long, long time!   She is everything I imagined her to be...warm, kind, effortlessly cool, understated and oh-so-stylish.

My 20s and 30s were defined by Calypso... when work ended and play began!  I vividly remember my first calypso purchase from her jewel-box of a boutique on Mott street in New York's Nolita neighborhood.  It was a maxi length, silk shantung bustle skirt in the perfect shade of emerald green and I loved it and wore it constantly with a simple white top and cropped jean jacket,   On summer weekends in East Hampton, my roommate and I would shop for apres beach silky slip dresses to accentuate our tans and set the tone for the evening ahead.  


Christiane's latest venture Clic spurs its identity from the exclusive, high-quality products carefully hand-selected by its founder. Beginning as a bookstore and art gallery, Clic has evolved into an expertly curated concept space featuring a collection of contemporary photography, art, books, home goods, and fashion. By partnering with artisans from all over the world, Clic’s unique and one-of-a-kind pieces elevate the everyday. Every brand sold has a unique story that compliments the Clic personality. The process of finding meaningful products, designers, and artists to work with is given much care and attention by Christiane herself.

So when Christiane stopped by our booth at the Cabana show in Miami to look at our 2023 collection of embroidered beach cover ups you can only imagine my excitement as a lover of Calypso and now as a partner to Clic  We coudnt be more proud and honored to have our pieces featured at Clic boutiques.



As we always say at Mer St Barth...let the journey begin and with it our shared adventure.


Written by Aubrey Wilde

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