Play I Surfing

One of the first things we do after dropping our bags off at the villa is head to L’Orient to check in with Nathan our favorite surf instructor and get set up with our boards!  


(Hurricane update: our beloved surf shack was completely destroyed by Irma ...tossed aside by angry waves and wicked winds.  But the local surf community is committed to rebuilding so future generations of surfers can continue enjoying this favorite island landmark!)

He’s great with adults, but fantastic with the kids....super patient and very protective of them out there on the reef.  Surf spots for every level are found on the island.  We love L'Orient in the mornings. If you are feeling adventurous the waves at Toiny will humble you instantly.  For some super hot shot surf viewing at sunset head to the Christopher Hotel for a million dollar view of the waves and the island's greatest surf riders.


Participate if you so care, but by this point in the day we prefer watching with a cold delicious Heineken in hand.

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